Rosemary Redrockit Scott - painter, illustrator, mixed media artist,
compulsive doodler and occasional photographer,
nerd, resident domestic diplomat,
lover of coffee, purveyor of hugs...
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I’ve been quiet on social sites for a couple of weeks, just trying to handle lots of things at once.
I’ve been busy though - this is a WIP of something I’m working on for September :)

WIP continues. All mushrooms & 1 & a bit Oak trees completed.
Lots and lots of hatching and dots still to do.
Plus my left index finger keeps cramping so I’m trying out different ways to hold my pens to ease the strain :-/

If dots were radioactive, you could run a Geiger counter over my current work and it’d light up like a Christmas tree.
Yay for dots!

Halfway through my latest piece.
Lots and lots of mushrooms…
This one’s tentatively earmarked for a show in September.

It’s Saturday morning and I’ve just woken to the smell of hot coffee on my bedside table…
Heavenly 😇

Working on a hand lettered Thankyou piece - still a long way to go.

Meet our newest family member, Burger. It’s an odd name, but he came with it, so that’s what it’ll stay.
He’s a very sweet boy :)

My newest work up @redbubble : some cute little teacups, because tea needs to be special :)

My newest design ‘Ariadne’ on tees and tanks at Society6 -

Ariadne is now available in a full range of products at Redbubble.

Hair all finished; moving on to the flowers.

Continuing with the progress of this newest work.

Initial sketch for my newest work.
So much more to be done.

Another day down and I’d love to show you another progress shot of my current work. But let’s be honest - another thousand stippled dots isn’t overly exciting.
So, I’ll just say that it’s coming along nicely.

Meanwhile, here’a little bit of filter fun from today, done while I took a break to rest my cramping index finger.

It’s a bit of a mixed bag of randomness : one of my painted works, a pic of the feathers of a sadly departed dove that died in our driveway, a mirroring app, a frame app and filters from various sources. If I can remember which apps they were I’ll #tag them later.

Hope you all have a great night!