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compulsive doodler and occasional photographer,
nerd, resident domestic diplomat,
lover of coffee, purveyor of hugs...
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The highlight of my day as an exhibiting artist at Art In The Park today was without a doubt the opportunity to do this collaborative painting with 7 yr old Grace.
I have to admit it - we rocked!! 😀 (at Queens Park)

Art In The Park is now up and running!
If you’re in Toowoomba today drop in and say hello. We’ve got 6 great artists exhibiting as part of the Carnival of Flowers :)

Today I’m working on a new design to serve as my Redrockit logo pic :)

My “Ten” design is now up on my TeePublic store at $14 for the next 3 days.

Today I delivered 4 original works to hang in The Pink Peppercorn.
Big thanks to Nic & Lyn for happily hanging (and selling) my works for these past few years. (at Pink Peppercorn Deli Cafe)

I’ve been working on this today - planning to make it available on a variety of products, including tees :)
Day Of The Dead is only 6 weeks or so away!

Another pic of my studio buddy helping me paint textures :)

My studio buddy helping me paint textures :)

The mysterious case of the body in the Cabernet -
A developing storyline of Sherlockian proportions.


Had a productive day of tee designing. Lot’s of fun, and a nice change from all of my focus on painting of late :)

I know I’m a little late to the party, but I’m LOVING watching Vikings.
This show is brilliant!!’

This little beetle chap is well under way!

I visited the framer this morning to have some matting cut for this piece.
The guy who served me looked at it and said “Oh, that’s nice. It’s really weird, but it’s nice”.
No worries, I can live with ‘really weird’ :)

Sketchbook concept rough of the piece I’ll be spending today working on.
I’ve loved researching this one - The Nautilus are fascinating creatures!

Sketchbooking the great beast Cthulhu in celebration of H.P. Lovecraft’s birthday today.