Rosemary Redrockit Scott - painter, illustrator, mixed media artist,
compulsive doodler and occasional photographer,
nerd, resident domestic diplomat,
lover of coffee, purveyor of hugs...
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I couldn’t decide how I wanted to do this hairless kitty, so I’ve done a test :
One side is stippled and will be Black/white pen/ink, while the other side is currently in coloured pencils, but will most likely be done in coloured inks.

I really can’t decide, so might just have to do both!

Here’s the very first process shot of my current work - tentatively titled ‘Shade’.

Those first strokes, lines or washes - whatever they might be - are always so weird to me. This is the time that I wonder if I’m actually capable of pulling what’s in my head out of there and rendering it into medium. 

It all looks so raw, so naive…. “why the hell do I call myself an artist??”

~ moments of self doubt and a self esteem which is no longer my friend ~

But - thankfully - there’s always some kind of magic that happens soon after, and those raw, crude scribbles actually begin to look like something. 

~ my self esteem and I have made up…. we’re besties again ~

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Listening to Steve Aoki while I’m working on a new artwork - I have plans for a quiet evening of painting.

I recently put together a blog post for the Redbubble Blog. Take some time to stop by to learn what the Redbubble group ‘The Pen and ink Corner’ are all about.

They’ve got some really beautiful artworks from very talented artists, and lovingly hosted by fabulous artist Lisa Murphy

Congratulations to Lisa and all the artists of The Pen and Ink Corner for your Blog feature!


art by Ancapora, Lisa Murphy and Esther Green
Find me - redrockitscott - here :


Snakes have symbolized many things throughout history across various mythologies and legends. 

In Sir Thomas Malory’s ‘Le Morte D’Arthur’ snakes were depicted as omens of King Arthurs’ death.  

Merlin had made the dire prediction that Arthur would die at the hands of his son Mordred.  Days later Arthur and Mordred’s armies were massed on the Salisbury Plain readying for battle.

The night before the battle, Arthur dreamed that he is tied to a wheel that plunges into black water full of serpents and horrible beasts. 

Shaken by this vision, Arthur offered Mordred a truce, to which he reluctantly agreed.  

Both armies swore that they would bear no arms during the treaty signing ceremony.

The waiting armies were tense, and it was then that a snake made an appearance amongst Mordred’s ranks causing a soldier to draw his sword to kill the snake. This simple action was misunderstood by Arthur’s men to be a breaking of the no-arms oath, which caused both sides to immediately engage each other in battle.

The conflict ended with Arthur killing his son, but not before Mordred had time to plunge his own sword into Arthur’s head - a mortal wound for the king.

~[ink, coloured pencil and and fineliner, on 300gsm smooth Arches paper]~

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It’s taken me two days to redo the facial features because I wasn’t happy. 
Still not happy to be honest, but I should be satisfied soon….
Fingers crossed x
Otherwise all else is coming along well.

Feeling a need to be away from my laptop for a change (AFK) but also needing to take care of some long overdue admin.

Here’s a handwritten list (albeit a messy one) of some popular Instagram artist shoutout #tags.

They’re a great source for getting noticed on IG, as well as a great way to find awesome new and inspiring artists :)

New business cards just arrived - super quick!

Last bit of underpainting, then it’s on to the details.

@hsiaoroncheng is my artist crush for this week. Her work is sublime…. It’s so incredibly gorgeous!
Make sure you take a look for yourself!

B E H A N C E  

 F A C E B O O K   

 P I N T E R E S T   

 I N S T A G R A M  



More layers down & starting to look at filling out some details.
Lots, lots more to go yet - not even close to being done.

Here’s a detail shot of last nights painting progress.
Technique wise, I salted my black wash which is why it has that lovely textured look to it.
And for the yellow bit, I washed the yellow base colour and then used masking fluid for my very first time - ever. I admit it, I was a little nervous.
No disasters so far :)

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Settling in for an evening of painting… And it feels so good!

Huge thanks and love to all of the awesome people who’ve been buying my ‘Brain has the Tardis’ tee at Redbubble

It makes me smile each and every time I see that it’s been sold, because I’m just so chuffed to see that there’s so many other people in the world who not only love Doctor Who, but also love Brain and his quirky sidekick Pinky 


Don’t let this beautiful example of street art be demolished.

You can add your support by signing the petition here.