Rosemary Redrockit Scott - painter, illustrator, mixed media artist,
compulsive doodler and occasional photographer,
nerd, resident domestic diplomat,
lover of coffee, purveyor of hugs...
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I visited the framer this morning to have some matting cut for this piece.
The guy who served me looked at it and said “Oh, that’s nice. It’s really weird, but it’s nice”.
No worries, I can live with ‘really weird’ :)

Sketchbook concept rough of the piece I’ll be spending today working on.
I’ve loved researching this one - The Nautilus are fascinating creatures!

Sketchbooking the great beast Cthulhu in celebration of H.P. Lovecraft’s birthday today.

I’ve been told many things about my clothing style over the years, all of which I don’t usually give much thought to - “no fashion sense”, “quirky”, “bogan”, “dark” to name just a few.
But today even I’m questioning my clothing sanity. Today’s concoction consists of leggings, long stripe tube skirt, voodoo doll tee and an embroidered granny jacket.
Odd as it seems, I’m sticking with it. On my quirkier days I usually manage to be more creative and less stressed, so fingers crossed!

I wait in my car when I’m picking up the boys from school, so I use the time to draw. I’ve been working on this one for quite a while now, but finally have it finished today.

T.G.T.F. - Thank God Tomorrow’s Friday!

6 hours of working solidly on the dreadlocks and I’m only half done.
I’m super tired, so am calling it a day for now, and off to bed to recharge for a fresh start tomorrow.
Enjoy the rest of your day :)

Time to get started on the dreadlocks!
Love these colours :)

Tonights efforts. Now I’m off to bed!
Have a great weekend :)

Finally got my act together and started blocking in colour for my newest piece.
Of course I’m now almost a week behind…. But I’m onto it!

Found this remarkable piece of Pre History being created in my driveway ;-)

I’ve given the boys the day off from school to have a day of cooking, gardening, building Lego and listening to music.
When we put some Big Band music on the record player Reilly had this to say - “I really like to listen to the vinyl music. It sounds so much better than today’s music”.
Ohh, I’m so proud! I’m calling this home day a resounding success :)

Today I’ve been working on a tattoo design element that will appear in my latest work.
For this one I’m interpreting another very well known master painting.

This tattoo design has all the clues necessary to tell you the names of the artist and the work - at least, that’s what I’m hoping :-/

Making pizza for dinner, and look what I found in my tub of Bocconcini!
#boobs #cheeseboobs #bewbs

Finally finished - now on to the next piece.

Sharing a bowl of yoghurt and watching Adventure Time.
Fun times for Saturday afternoon :)